11 Types Of Women You Will Come Across While Dating

Girls Partying

Men take time before they decide to make it official or take things further to introduce a woman to his friends and most of all to the family because there is a lot they have to consider before settling down.

By the time a guy decides to make it official that he is dating a lady, he will come across different women with various personalities, characters and beliefs.

Well, I’ve hung out with many girlfriends in my life and I have been able to see the different calibre of women there are and also with the help of a few dude friends, I decided to pen down this article.

Without further ado, check 11 types of women you will come across before settling down with one.

1. The Drama Queen/Psycho
This is the kind of woman who will pour red wine on your white attire over dinner for trying to look at another woman. She will always be complaining about something and can start an argument anywhere and does not show respect. It gets worse when they are drunk and more so in public and others can get very violent. Most of them don’t know how to hold a decent conversation and shout a lot while throwing things around. Be careful when you break up with her, she may stalk you and issue threats.

2. The Gold-Digger
We all know what a gold-digger does. She will always have an excuse to ask for money for this or that and she will want men who have mullah. But the minute you go broke, she will be out of that door faster than a lightning bolt! Others will even make sure they get a child from a wealthy guy so that they can ask fo a huge amount of money for child support! Beware men…beware!

Gold Digger

3. The Reserved Lady
This kind of woman will keep her issues under wraps, and never talks much about her private life or her previous men and most of them don’t want to get intimate until you officially confirm that she is the only one in your life. She will prefer staying in the house rather than going to a party in a club or just catch a movie or go for coffee.

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4. The Party Girl
We all like going out to have fun once in a while, but this particular kind of lady can start partying on a Tuesday and all weekend through. Every time you ask her where she wants to go, it’s always in a night club, or somewhere she will go and drink herself crazy. It’s not in all cases, but partying for others has to include sex. Another type of party girl is the one who goes out dancing at clubs all the time – with or without her boyfriend. This one you got to be careful with. But remember some chics just want to have a good time with nothing more.

Party Girl

5. The Independent/ Boss Woman
This is the kind of woman every man dreads dating. She’s intelligent, sassy, confident and determined, keeps it real and has goals and she knows how to please a man. This lady will continuously let you know that she can handle it on her own. Problem is, she will eventually say fuck you and get a dildo and may consider you another one her play toys, or goals.

Boss Lady

6. The Good Girl
This is the type of lady who your mother will definitely like. She will be true to you, genuine and is always there for you, is intelligent, classy, kind, sweet and cool. She will make you fall in love with her because of her respectful personality and making you feel like a real man. And if you are the type who can’t wait, you may have a hard time because she may have a rule of only sex after marriage. But at the end of the day, if she’s worth it, why not!

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7. The Ghetto Girl
A ghetto girl is a bit hardcore and can even fight for you because she is not intimidated by anyone and is down for you. The kind of lady that you can be sure to bail you out of jail. She can cook up a storm and make the best out of a bad situation and keeps it real and will keep you satisfied. Problem is, you never want to mess with her, lest she calls her ghetto bullies to give you a good beating and may not know how to act in public. Oh, and her weave colours are distracting and her vocabulary is minimal. She can fight another girl who’s looking at you and your mum may not stand her.


8. The High Maintenance Girl
High maintenance type of woman who requires you to expend a lot of money and/or effort in order to make her happy and is mostly a showgirl! She uses the most expensive makeup products, lives in an expensive apartment, wears designer shoes, clothes, makes her nails every week and expects you to pay for all that. Damn! Most of these ladies are good-looking and go to great lengths to maintain or enhance their appearance. Things that she may demand include: dining only at fine restaurants, staying at the most expensive hotels, owning an expensive car, shopping at expensive stores, expensive holiday destinations etc.

Classy Girl

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9. The Tomboy
This lady will not care much about making her nails, putting on weaves, carrying good-looking handbags or rocking six-inch heels or even know a single name of a makeup product. She will probably be more into sports and wearing sneakers or boyfriend shoes and sweat pants. She is cool and laid back, can paly rough with you and easy to talk to and be around with. Problem is, she may remind you of your dude best friend and may not be willing to change her looks for you.


10. The Religious Woman
This is in no offence but if you meet a religious lady, be ready to pray 4 times a day, make sure you attend church every Sunday and even go for ‘kesha’ in the middle of the week. You will either need to find Jesus, and commit yourself totally to him – or you won’t be able to date her. Most of her solution for anything is prayer and/or fasting. But some of them happen to have high morals standards, are very respectful and have good, Christian personalities.

Religious Woman

11. The Freak/Nymphomaniac
You have to be very energetic for this type of lady. A nymphomaniac girlfriend is a woman who wants to have sex more than twice a day. She’s just got to have you – it is that simple. It is just sex all the time… hot, sloppy, repeated sex all the time. For some men, this is a good thing, especially if you can be able to keep up with her speed, but for some, this may be just too much to handle. The best part about a freak is that she knows all the right positions, and will always keep you satisfied.

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