Adorable videos of Tanasha Donna with her 9-month old son that will melt your heart

Kenyan girl, Tanasha Donna is a proud mom of a son who despite a birth that was marred with controversy, bitterness and anger, is a son who has only proven the world wrong.

Barely born in October 2019, a dear Naseeb Junior is already on his feet, moving from one corner of the house to the other – unsupported, so innocent, chubby yet so adorably warm.

Just at 9 months and the singer cannot get over the fact that her little boy is already all-grown to take care of his needs – at least when it comes to making those first baby steps. She revered:

My baby is 9 months & walking… MASHALLAH 🥰❤️😢 He’s too sharp… knows so much… As in, He started walking yesterday, on my bday… @naseeb.junior I LOVE YOU MI AMOR…. BEST GIFT EVER 🥰❤️

Not once, not twice, not thrice… the two have been spotted together savoring some cute mummy-son moments and we just can´t get enough.

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Early morning by the Kenyan Coast, Tanasha and her little baby boy are seen enjoying the morning breeze with a dear Naseeb clutching onto his mother´s blouse for fear of the raging ocean tides.

During her Birthday´s barbecue dinner, the lass was spotted singing lively melodies to her baby boy and his reaction is one to die for.

Seemingly impressed by his young, sweet mom and probably wondering why he was taken out in the cold to keep rocking on his mom´s waist.

Have a look:

Well, if you didn´t find yourself singing along or at least swinging in the process, then I´m not sure what would make you do so. Never got better!

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