Andela Opens Applications for StackUp For Entry-Level Engineers in Kigali

Andela, the distributed engineering teams’ builder with Africa’s top software engineers, has announced applications for StackUp, its 5-months program for aspiring and entry-level engineers in Kigali, Rwanda.

Andela’s StackUp will provide engineers with the necessary technical and soft skills to become a FullStack JavaScript Engineer. it will also boost the aspiring technologists’ level of experience to meet the market demand as they seek to gain employment.

Mirroring the company’s distributed workforce model, whereby Andela engineers remotely join scaling technology companies to accelerate their product development, StackUp applicants will remotely complete a rigorous technical program, acquiring hands-on experience in JavaScript, a programming language used to create a dynamic and interactive experience for the end-user. According to the 2019 HackerRank Developer Skills Report, 73% of developers said they knew JavaScript compared to other popular languages such as Python [57%] and Ruby [13%].

Opened to entry-level engineers, the 5 months program is divided into two stages; a 2-months Roll Up Phase where learners go through a technical assessment, interview and boot camp as well as 3-months project work which covers these tech stacks:

  • PostgreSQL – An open-source SQL Database.
  • Express JS – A fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node JS.
  • Node JS – An open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine.
  • Docker – An independent container platform that enables organizations seamlessly build, run and share any application, anywhere.
  • React/Redux JS – An efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

StackUp will utilise Andela’s curriculum and program structure that has transformed over 700 engineers from software engineering enthusiasts to world-class engineers working with its global partners like GitHub, Coursera and BBC.

“The nationwide demand for technical expertise in engineering is high; this is largely due to Kigali’s push towards ICT excellence and goals of becoming a technology hub,” says Clément Uwajeneza, Andela Rwanda Country Director. “Our ambition for Rwanda is to create employment opportunities for technology practitioners across all range within the local tech-ecosystem, whether via Andela’s remote working model or a local company. This is why we are thrilled to have created this cutting edge program that will help aspiring technologists navigate their next steps as they seek to jump-start their engineering careers.”

In July 2018, Andela announced its partnership with the Rwanda Development Board [RDB] to build a technology hub for software engineers, based in Kigali. A model of technological excellence on the African continent, Kigali was chosen as a strategic location due to its strong existing infrastructure and ease of access for engineers across the continent.

With presence across the continent, including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and most recently Egypt, the engineering-as-a-service company was launched in 2014 to build world-class engineering teams. Andela looks to impact 100,000 engineers in the next three years via its programs in tech communities across the continent community, including StackUp and the Andela Learning Community [ALC].

Interested applicants can apply to join the StackUp here:


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