Deep State Plots Against KCB CEO Joshua Oigara

This site has received information that there are plans to force the resignation or exit of Kenya Commercial Bank CEO, Joshua Oigara by the deep-state. 

In the past few months, there have been efforts to link the CEO to embattled deputy president William Ruto, with many social media campaigns targetting him. 

The tweets mainly emanated from popular Twitter accounts that cnyakundi.com analyzed in the past few days. After running the tweets and accounts through some social media tools, we confirmed that the same social media hitmen that have been attacking Chief Justice Maraga and DP Ruto are the ones behind the recent attacks On Joshua Oigara. 

These ‘social media hitmen’ are known to be lethal and at one time CJ David Maraga cried in public that he was under fire on social media with daily attacks. From the way they design their cartoons, edit their videos etc, it is big machinery and we have suspicions that Cambridge Analytica never left Kenya, something we are still probing. 

Back to the main story

Joshua Oigara is now regarded as a double-dealer hence earning the tag “Ruto’s Personal Banker”, a tag that meant to destroy his career. 

The main lobbying tool the deep state is planning to use is the WESTON HOTEL. 

Oigara and his KCB counterparts have always been accused of unlawful issuance of loans totalling to Ksh. 1.2 billion to Weston Hotel to facilitate its operations despite the hotel sitting on an irregularly acquired piece of land without a title deed.

The land that Weston Hotel sits on was unlawfully acquired from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCCA) and during the issuance of these loans by KCB, the land’s title deed was not presented. This would, therefore, mean that Joshua Oigara issued a Ksh. 1.2 billion loans against an inexistent title deed.

Considering such huge loans cannot be issued without the official approvals of KCB C.E.O and Group M.D, the blame is solely on Oigara who colluded with other top government officials to award Weston Hotel these loans without following due diligence at the expense of taxpayers.

The deep state is also planning to mount pressure on KCB International partners to demand a change in management within the bank, over South-Sudan money laundering.

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