How Kenyans lose their money in fake online jobs scam

Online Jobs Kenya: Even with your highly decorated first class honours, you are not spared from the harsh reality of hustling to put food on the table and the struggles of searching for the online jobs.

Jobs have become scarce and the youths are too choosy to get their hands dirty in the Juakali sector and entrepreneurship. Everyone is busy online, doing what it takes to get that decent job to kick-start their lives, taking advantage of opportunities.

But some Kenyans are very opportunistic, always one step ahead of ordinary job seekers innocently bowing to their devious motives. Truth be told, tens of thousands of Kenyans online are desperate job seekers.

They will do anything and everything to hack that job,  especially when the advert targets youths, and the job criteria is marketing and sales. It’s only in Kenya where a corporation looking to employ three people will receive over 1000 online job applications.

Online Jobs Kenya
Kenyans on Internet

Back to online jobs that turn out to be a total joke. These scammers pose as real companies looking to recruit. Their bait is quite catchy.

They use real corporate companies especially chains stores like supermarkets and telecommunications companies cause most people to identify with them illegally breaching their data into their customized URLs.

First come first serve basis works pretty well, calling people into action using teaser texts and hyped messages so people sign up quickly without batting an eyelid. They attach big money value to the advert to catch the eyeballs.

With social media and excellent hacking skills, they are able to make a simple advert go viral and influence large masses to share, tweet, retweet and making it look legit. Once they have set the trap, they sit back and wait to eat from foolish Kenya who’s hunger for jobs in insatiable.

The part where they hit you ten nill is where they ask you to lipa na Mpesa for registration so you can be among the first to be hand-picked. Nothing is for free.

Online Jobs Kenya
Kenyan on internet

They even give you a contact person to call as soon as you make your pay just to gain your assurance. They lay in wait as more and more people sign up for their bullshit.

At the back of your mind, you thinking of how, 10% of that salary you’ll be earning will go into tithe, save a few bucks and invest in the rest in stock markets.

You wait in patience as days turn to weeks, weeks to months. The more you call the more, “we will get back to you” responses.

You being tough-skinned, you keep calling until one day that number becomes dysfunctional, and your job dreams die with it too.

Let’s do the math. With a sign-up fee worth Sh. 350 and over 10,000 Kenyans signing up in weeks, days, these frauds could pocket Sh. 3 million a month, free of tax, interests or expenses.

Before anyone finds out, they are gone, and lost, disappeared in the thick air, perhaps plotting another scam to milk money from poor Kenyans.

Beware of online jobs that are a scam. They could reap off your hard earned money. Look before you leap and when the deal is too good, think thrice before getting into it. Thank me later. Online Jobs Kenya.

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