How To Ensure An Incredible Vaping Experience

The world of vaping may seem exciting and intimidating with thick smoke clouds and fancy vaping devices. While many see it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, many consider it as something exciting to experience at least seasonally.  

Whether you are a professional vaper or a beginner, you crave for the best vaping experience each time. You can click here to get a few tips to vape so that the next time you get an opportunity, you are not left behind scratching your heads in a daze.

Know your PG/VG ratios

Knowing the PG/VG value of the liquid you choose for your vape can significantly affect your vaping experience. Where high VG juice is likely to produce thicker smoke rings and smoother hits, the low VG juice is known for light smoke and heavier hits. 

Usually, high VG liquids are considered to be of high quality, and they taste much better than the liquids with low VG. It is important to know what ratio suits you best. In order to get the best experience, one must shake the liquid for 5-10 seconds, so that the PG/VG levels and flavor is mixed up efficiently. 

Quality liquid

A vaping experience is very well defined by the quality of e-liquid you use in the vaping device. A little extra money in high-quality liquids from top quality brands is always beneficial in enhancing your vaping experience.

Thousands of low priced vaping liquids can be found online, but they are all Chinese products that can prove to be very harmful and you may end me compromising on the experience. However, the premium e-liquids are often made in the USA, with the best quality ingredients, and can give you thick smoke clouds on each hit.

Cleaning takes you a long way

It is a known fact that regular cleaning of any vaping tank increases the life of the device. The cleaning must be done at least once in a week or two. The cleaning process is very simple and is mentioned in the instruction manual as well. To clean the tank, simply disassemble your vape and empty the tank, and rinse it thoroughly along with the mouthpiece and atomizer under the running water. Let it dry, and reassemble.

Failing to clean the vape regularly, can reduce the overall life of the device, and you may end up with awful liquid build-ups, and foul taste.

Ensure the e-liquid is managed perfectly

In order to get the best vaping experience, each time you use the vape, it is essential that you learn how to manage your liquid well. Keep the liquid away from the light and air, as exposing it to open may break the flavor of the liquid and decrease the nicotine levels. This may even result in a foul taste.    

It is very important to shake the juice before putting it to use. The beginners usually don’t realize this and start vaping instantly, which messes up the experience.


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