How To Use WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp is easy to use for business.

It actually makes a lot more sense to use WhatsApp for your business especially if you’re not into other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Most people are still not aware that there’s a whole other business world on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Business API allows developers to build new experiences that reach even more people in even more parts of the world and result in even more effective customer engagements. So why should you use it especially if you have an eCommerce business?

1. You get to connect with other brands

You obviously want to connect with other brands if you want to build your business. All you have to do is create a business profile this allows you to upload all the relevant information that someone looking at your profile would like to see. You have to provide specifics like email and phone contacts, social media links, store addresses, website URLs, and suitable business details or offers. Your account then have to be verified which builds trust for people who might suspect it’s not you.

2. Connect with customers

You get to connect with as many customers as possible without having to physically meet with them. Most customers prefer messaging than calling because it’s cheaper and faster at the same time. The reality is, the traditional way of communicating such as SMS and email are not enough to meet the customers expectations.

3. Engage worldwide

WhatsApp is already in 104 countries and it has the highest smartphone penetration rates as high as 95% in some of those countries. Because it’s free for users, WhatsApp has, in less than a decade, become the most popular app for personal and business conversations. Your business is more likely to grow at a fast rate when you use this platform.

4. You get a two-sided conversations

On WhatsApp, chat is a two-way street: businesses and customers can interact directly which allows you to understand what your clients want and you can fix any issues they have almost immediately.

5. Message privately

You get to understand your clients needs and what product they prefer because you can message privately. It’s always faster since you can send images and it’s easily accessible even more than Facebook messenger.


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