‘I almost moved out with my son,’ Sarah Kabu on past marriage struggles

Sarah Kabu
Sarah Kabu and her husband

Sarah Kabu says that she almost walked out on her husband after she and he failed to agree on an important decision in their marriage.

The mother of two at the time wanted to move houses, she wanted her ‘dream house’ ASAP but her husband was hearing none of it.

And she decided to scout for a new house ALONE.

‘I almost moved out because I was tired of the house we lived in.

I wanted to move to our dream house but my husband was not up for it at the time.’

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Sarah Kabu and her husband Simon Kabu

‘So I went and shopped for homes in Runda, Kitsuru and signed contracts to move.
I had decided to move out anipate mbele.’

Simon who was at the time the sober headed one decided to talk his wife out of that ‘ stupid’ decision something she is forever grateful for.

‘Finally, I was talked to and my husband asked me to get the best interior designer I could get to help me redo our house to my taste.’


‘I had signed out all agreements but I was ready to move out with my son eventually I never moved out.
We were living on Kiambu road at the time.’

Sarah says that even when people see them slaying in social media they have marital issues like every other couple.

‘Even when you see us slaying we have issues. However, we may slay but We are not party animals.’

The couple is blessed with two kids.

Sarah has said it, there is no perfect relationship/marriage, pick Mr wrong drag him to the right.

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