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Kisumu bodas call for demos against Governor Nyong’o – Weekly Citizen

A section of boda boda operators in Kisumu county has vowed to vote against Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o come 2022 should he defend his seat.

The riders have lambasted the governor of not living to his promise of not taxing them as one of his campaign pledges in 2017 when he was seeking to wrestle the seat from then Governor Jack Ranguma.


They are now planning a demonstration on February 14 as his Valentine’s gift. They have invited Senator Fred Outa to grace the occasion.

Nyong’o during his campaign trails told the boda b oda operators on several occasions that he was not for introducing any tax to them or evicting them from Kisumu central business district as claimed by a section of Nyong’o’s, opponents who were equally campaigning on a platform that if elected as governor, he would drive the boda boda away from the city center.

Nyong’o even coined a song titled “Jamriambo” meaning a liar, while telling the public that those opponents propagating that he would chase away the boda boda operators from the CBD were liars who had nothing to offer for the electorates.

Addressing the press in Kisumu to register their predicament over the move by the county government to tax them Sh500 every month per boda boda operator, they said the county government is not offering them any tangible service that warrants it to charge tax.

The operators claim that they have just been victims of circumstances and have been caught between the political storm pitting the governor and some Kisumu county political leaders on the other.

They claim that after the Kisumu county women representative Rosa Buyu came up with a project to help the boda boda riders uplift their livelihoods by providing them with motorbikes while only paying Sh25,000 and the boda boda rider was to pay Sh300 daily and in the end after making the entire payment would later possess the motorbike for good.


This move is said to have made the governor panic thinking that this was a ploy to score politically by those whom had fallen out with him politically in what was known as Team Kali which was his campaign team ahead of 2017 general election.

It is against this that the governor is said to have crafted ways of wanting to tax the boda boda operators with an aim of chasing them from the CBD should they fail to comply with the law.

A number of Team Kali campaigners who stuck with the governor and are now out and they include Outa who is the governor’s mentor turned tormentor, former chief of staff Ouya Kalausi among others.

They disagreed with Nyong’o after he was accused of mismanaging the county affairs where Senator Outa during the funeral service of the six youths from Nyando who were brutally murdered in Bumala in Busia county in November last year told the governor to his face that he was sleeping on the job while cartels were plundering the county coffers dry with impunity.

The boda boda operators have vowed to teach the governor a lesson come elections where he is expected to defend his seat.

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