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Lobby fears UIhuru to name Raila PM soon – Weekly Citizen

Following the unveiling of Building Bridges Initiative report, Amani Kwa Wote Peace Organisation has said that the creation of prime minister’s post without holding a referendum makes it easy for opposition leader Raila Odinga to be appointed premier even before 2022 transitional general polls.

Through the chairman of Amani Kwa Wote Mwati Kariuki, the lobby dismissed the eight terms of reference in the BBI as excess baggage that were crafted by the architects of the initiative with of course full blessings of Uhuru Kenya and Raila to hoodwink Kenyans while the supposed main focus was addressing inclusivity.

“It is a matter of time that MPs will be compromised by Uhuru and Raila and to resign from his or her position to pave way for a by-election with a view to be elected to parliament, and later be picked by the president to be the premier. One must also take into account that the two leaders have many MPs singing to their tune through the handshake,” said Mwati.

He added that any other business thereof is a form of a traditional dance and it is regrettable that the whole unholy BBI exercise cost helpless taxpayers Sh10 billion.



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