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By 2025 half of all the world tasks will be performed by machines, this is according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Currently only about a third of all work tasks are done by machines.

In the survey that covered 300 of the world’s largest companies, the organization says that the expected “robotic revolution” will create 97 million jobs worldwide and destroy many others, leaving some social groups in a vulnerable situation.

While manual and routine work involving administration and data processing will now be easily done by Robots, new jobs will emerge in fields like Green Economy and Big Data.

WEF says over 50pc of the employers interviewed expressed an interest in accelerating the automation of some functions in their companies, while 43pc said they would probably cut jobs due to technology.

WEF says the COVID-19 pandemic has caused companies to seek new ways of working at reduced costs. “[Such factors] deepened the inequalities in the labor markets and reversed the gains in jobs obtained since the global financial crisis in 2007-2008,” said the organization’s managing director, Saadia Zahidi.

In the next few years qualification will become extremely essential for those who want to remain or enter the labor market. This shift will mainly affect low-paid and less qualified workers

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