Meet Tracy Kimari The Woman Who Has A Startup That Connects People To Products That Help Them Transition Into Parenthood

Meet Tracy Kimari the woman who has a startup that connects people to products that help them transition into parenthood.

Tracy studied Finance and Business Administration at Strathmore University and worked for 3 years in the finance industry, before quitting to start Offspring. Founded in 2017, the company provides access to products, services and information to people who are transitioning into parenthood.

Passionate about children, Tracy hopes that by offering parents convenient access to the right resources on her platform, they can focus on their most important task:  that of raising their children.

Their mission is to have direct access to parenting information.

Their mission is to provide direct access to information, products and services that ensure parents have everything they need to confidently welcome their baby and navigate the transitions of parenthood. They strive to be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of `Baby`; in Africa.

This is an unexplored area in business but is slowly emerging over time.

Their site has everything ranging from baby products to parenting tips that gives information about things like acid reflux and diaper rashes. At a time when first time parents are eager to do everything right this is definitely the kind of startup all parents need.


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