Samsung to Unveil Samsung Bloom As Galaxy Fold Successor

Galaxy Bloom is the tentative name for the next t Galaxy Fold model expected to be released this  April.

The new name was announced in a secret meeting with key partners during the CES 2020 which in the preliminary staged shad been rumoured to be the fold 2.

The new codename Bloom according to the smartphone maker means blossom.

According to a report by Sammobile,  In the CES presentation slide,  there was an image of what appears to be a render of the foldable smartphone and the Bloom name.

In the report, the South Korean Samsungs Mobile Ceo  DJ Koh, He concluded that the Galaxy Bloom’s design has been inspired by the silhouette of the compact makeup powder from French cosmetics juggernaut Lancôme.

The company will be going after a different demographic with this product. The device will proactively target female customers in their 20’s.

This group of women are young adults, actively working on in discovering the mistery about their bodies. For those post teens who are cosmoholics, Samsung bloom will definitely be there to go device. Now that it shares a name with their favourite makeup brand.

Another thought would revolve around women being non-techies. Unlike men, women tend to shop differently.

A market review on Forbes explains that women place heavy emphasis on a product’s potential to improve their lives right away. Looks are only part of the decision-making process.

Further, they tend to consider the whole experience of how a product fits into their lives, including not just how it fits or looks, but its ease of use and whether or not it solves a problem.

Women control a large consumer market and perhaps Samsung is changing their marketing strategy in the new decade.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom Specifications

Galaxy Bloom supports an 8K video recording capability.

According to the report, Samsung’s next foldable smartphone may have either a 6.7-inch or 8.1-inch main display.

Various teasers have claimed the Galaxy Fold successor will have a 6.7-inch display.

Sammobile notes that the foldable Bloom will come in more colours than its predecessor.  According to the sammobile report, the devices come in White, black and purple with a fourth colour not yet revealed.


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