Setting The Records Straight On The ‘Renegade’ Asian Family That Wrecked Havoc

I write to you with regard to the article published on Weekly Citizen on the 27 01 2020, namely: “Renegade Asian family wrecks havoc in community”.I am both shocked and horrified to learn that such an article has been written about my family and I. I have documented evidence to rebut all the contents there written.

These are the facts here written to counter the defamatory lies published by Weekly Citizen:

Harish Devji

Harish, the eldest son of the late Ramniklal Devji, started his career at his father’s shop Pattni Jewellers on River Road at a tender age of 13 years. Harish sacrificed his academics to help his parents and younger siblings. His sacrifice paid off when he was able to send his brother Bipin to America for higher education.

Harish left Kenya during the aftermath of the failed 1982 coup as he feared for the safety of his new born son. He built up his life in the UK with the help of bank loans and mortgages. He established a business in Wembley, namely Devji’s and purchased a home in the affluent neighbourhood of Middlesex. His family did not provide any help as his father didn’t like the UK.

Unfortunately due to being a victim of several violent robberies, mainly affecting the jewellery industry, Harish reluctantly had to close down his business. He gifted the business premises to his mother as a pension fund. Harish left the tertiary market for the secondary market and traded in prestige goods.

Harish’s health started to decline rapidly in 2017, he was diagnosed with chronic arthritis and in 2018 he was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor recommended that he moves to warmer climes. Therefore Harish decided to sell his house and move back to Kenya to be close to his family. He arrived in Kenya on 01 09 18 with his wife and son.

On 31 01 19 Harish collapsed in the morning after suffering 3 strokes. He was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital where he underwent an emergency neurosurgery. There was 50% chance of mortality and 50% chance of permanent brain damage. Miraculously he survived. The doctor said that he must be kept stress free and properly cared for to avoid a repeat attack.

In June 2019, Harish lost his father from a severe heart attack and was forced to attend the funeral and take part at the mourning ceremony despite being frail. Nevertheless he carried out his responsibility being the eldest child and heir to the family.

When all the expat mourners had left, Harish’s brother Bipin together with his business partners Yogesh and Kanji Damji Pattni of Victoria Commercial Bank, hatched a plan to kill Harish because his father had died intestate. Removing Harish would automatically grant Bipin the position of family head.

Bipin attacked Harish at the family home on General Mathenge and forced him to take residence at the abandoned property on Brookside Drive. To make sure Harish and his family couldn’t claim their rights as heads of the family he took out court orders to stop them from entering any of the family’s properties under false pretences. The court orders were lifted because the plaintiff failed to show up to court after Harish petitioned against him.

Bipin had very much hoped that the stress inflicted on Harish by the court proceedings would end his life.

Frustrated from his failure, Bipin enlisted the help of his business associates Yogesh and Kanji Pattni to hatch a new plan. Kanji, being very well connected, was able to hold Harish against his will and without due process at the Parklands police station from a Saturday afternoon to a Tuesday morning when he was finally admitted to court to face bogus charges invoked upon him. Harish was deprived of medical attention, food, water and medicine by Kanji’s accomplices at the Parklands police station in an attempt to murder him. Harish was rushed to the Aga Khan A&E straight after leaving court. He is lucky to be alive. The case is yet to be heard.

Hasmita Devji (Harish’s wife)

Harish’s wife has been by far the biggest support in his life. After Harish’s jewellery store, Devji’s, closed down Hasmita studied to qualify as a bookkeeper and a paralegal and has worked at several respectable law firms since.

This is where it gets interesting: Hasmita’s father, the late Girdharlal Pattni, is Kanji Pattni’s uncle. Kanji Pattni’s father, late Damji Devji Pattni, was Girdharlal’s step brother and business partner respectively. Harish’s father, the late Ramniklal, used to be Girdharlal’s employee initially when he first moved to Kenya. Kanji Pattni exiled his uncle to India and usurped his uncle’s share of the property and became his father’s business partner.

Things get even more complicated: Harish’s sister Indira got married to Kanji’s eldest son Arvind Pattni and Harish got married to Hasmita (Kanji’s uncle’s daughter that he exiled).

I’m sure that, evidently, it becomes quite clear to the readers that Kanji never expected his exiled uncle or his children to return to Kenya and he was furious when they did even going as far as to break off Harish’s wedding. In September 2018, Hasmita returned to Kenya with Harish and her son and this was the last straw for Kanji Pattni. He vowed to destroy them by hook or by crook.

Bhavin Devji

Bhavin, a Kenyan born national, has been the pillar of strength for Harish and essential in nursing him throughout his recovery.

He graduated with a LLB Honours Law Degree from the UK and continued to progress to obtain a LLM Masters in International Law.

During his post graduate education, Bhavin was rushed to hospital with severe pancreatitis. Pancreatitis has a high mortality rate and therefore the doctor advised that all family members meet him within 48 hours, just in case. However, his family in Kenya continued to holiday in Bali instead of rushing to the UK. Kanji Pattni prayed that Bhavin would pass away to spite Harish and Hasmita.

On returning to Kenya, in September 2019, he filed papers at the Council of Legal Education and was admitted to Riara Law School to start the pre KSL Course in January 2019. Unfortunately, on the second day of enrollment at Riara University, Bhavin woke up to find his father Harish collapsed in the bathroom. He rushed him to Aga Khan Hospital and had to drop out of the course to assist with his father’s recovery.

Just like his father, who sacrificed his education for his younger siblings, Bhavin sacrificed his career for his father. Like father like son.

As human beings, regardless of our profession or walk of life, our obligation is to speak the truth and only the truth can set us free.

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