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THE cheap network telecommunication Company airtel is on the spotlight following claims of serious conning business that leaves the devil all smile, the company is being accused of holding customers hostage failure to service even after payments made, the company has been on the radar of Hawk Eyed spy agencies for delayed services delivery in digital works amid coronavirus pandemic as many Kenyans are working from home. A section of Kisumu residents and other customers are crying foul after monies they deposited into individual accounts of Airtel money staffers and proxies as payments for WIFI cannot be traced. The company is also accused of substandard gadgets used to install the WIFI services, this was after several customers complained of damages caused by the substandard stand-alone poles meant for receiving data.

Members of the public who count as the numerous customers who have registered their complaints with the Police and Citizen Weekly Newspaper alleging that they have received dubious treatment from the company even after entrusting them with millions of shillings and still rotten company brokers collude with agents and Head office cartels to swindle clients’ money thousands of their hard-earned cash. According to members of the public who have registered businesses with the company claims that Kisumu rogue agents collude with officials from the Nairobi branch hence frustrating efforts of clients. From our investigations, most of these amounts are shared between these rogue officials leaving clients and hence the inability by the company to deliver services on time even after being paid for services. However Citizen Weekly has learnt that their pleas met deaf ears and numerous attempts to engage the company’s headquarters over the matter have turned unfruitful as none of protesting letters have been replied to.

We can now authoritatively the unmasked the faces behind the minting racket. Words from the street have it that  Kisumu Branch manager is running a briefcase office while their agents are operating under the blessings of the Nairobi head office, this unholy alliance of more than five persons evidently operates as randy super cons are now under the pressure steering a shaky vessel of turbulent and stormy waters. After several interviews with different customers and WIFI consumers who have been held hostage their reports were blatantly rubbished by the said cartels and agents from Airtel” our advice to members of the public is they should look for alternative companies who can deliver services without delays but not Airtel”.

The smooth operating dreaded reptiles are said their footsteps can not be heard or detected and their hands can’t be seen whenever they are executing lethal plans and their arguments would then appear to be duplicating their work making it hard to demarcate exactly the separation of which work they are handling. What is catapulting is that there is no evidence to support their arguments whether such arrangements in their company. The cartels behind this money-minting racket have developed thick skins branding them dreaded reptiles behaving holier than thou yet their skeletons wrapped under the carpet apparently they are smarting from overconfidence stemming from their faces that they hold the Company top secrets that can never be wished away easily. Members of the public are now demanding to know why the accused persons are behaving in a manner making it difficult to quantify their work distinguish whether they acting individual capacity or on behalf of the company.

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