What Is BIGO Live Is All About?

With the transfer of our reality to virtual space, we are witnessing the rise of different social media platforms online. Everyone is already familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but only a few are acquainted with the new global sensation that is BIGO Live. Bigo live app is a new and better social media platform where users get to share their videos, photos, and stream live videos with their friends and followers with ease. 

Despite the huge popularity of streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube, Bigo live is getting more and more popular among teenagers these days and there are numerous reasons for that. In this article, we are going to take a look at what Bigo live is all about and the different features offered by this social media sensation. 


BIGO Live is a social medial platform that is available in more than 150 countries across the globe and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. In order to create a perfect platform for different users, this application is also available for PCs with high-end configuration while for users with low-end devices there is BIGO Live Lite.

The immersive streaming and video recording experience that is offered by BIGO Live makes this platform one of the best in its class. In addition to all this, BIGO Live’s use of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality helps the platform in delivering the best streaming services. BIGO Live does have age restrictions, which is 18 years. This is why parental monitoring is important if a teenager is using the application. 

Although, BIGO Live app is completely free to download and use without any kind of advertisement and promotional pop-ups, there are several in-app purchases that are available for the users. They can upgrade their account and buy in-app diamonds they can share with their favorite content creator.

Moreover, the broadcaster can thereafter use these diamonds to get the VIP membership or cash them out as well. 

How To Interact Via BIGO Live?

Being a social media platform, there are several different possibilities when it comes to interaction via BIGO Live. The applications allow the users to create video chat groups in which they can add up to 9 friends. Additionally, they can use the different in-app filters and unique stickers according to their liking. 

Another interesting option is the guest live feature, with the help of this feature fans get to interact and chat with their favorite streamer on BIGO Live. Although, the streamer gets to choose whether he/she is interested in live chat or not. 

Competitive Events known as PKs are also quite popular on BIGO Live application. PK let two broadcasters compete with each other through the mean of virtual gifting in the form of “beans”. Fan raking is also there on BIGO Live, where fans get to interact with their favorite broadcaster more conveniently by attaining the VIP or Top Fan title. 

What BIGO Live Offers?

When it comes to the content that you can find on BIGO Live, there is practically no limit on the number of videos that you can find. Millions are videos that are added to the platform by different users on daily basis. However, if we were to categorize all the content, there are basically three categories i.e. Gaming, Showbiz, and Miscellaneous. 


Considering how popular the online streaming of games is these days, a separate category for gaming was obvious. Like most other streaming platforms, you can also find tons of streaming and professional gamers sharing live streams and videos of their gameplay on the platform. New games are constantly added to the platform ensuring that users get to enjoy all the latest content on the platform. 


The next big category of videos and content is entertainment. This includes content from different video creators and influencers. When it comes to fun, there is probably no match for the content that you can find here. Thousands of content creators sharing videos and streaming live on a daily basis for their visitors.  


Apart from gaming and entertainment, you can also find other videos and clip of BIGO Live as well. Content with educational professionals and online businesses are also showing their interest in the platform for the promotion of their business. 


BIGO Live application is clearly fun and entertaining when it comes to a social medial platform with millions of users globally. Here, users can get to chat and interact with one another with a simple click and be a part of their favorite broadcaster’s stream. 


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