Yeebia, Wants to be One of the Biggest Classifieds Sites in Nigeria

Yeebia, an online classifieds site launched in August 2019, plays a role as an online Internet site in Nigeria, providing a system for earning transactions. This site provides a secure platform for people to buy or sell used and new cars / mobile phones online, house rentals and provide or purchase services, footwear, electronic equipment, clothing, health and beauty, etc. 

Yeebia operates under the
XGO-Team Umbrella Group in Lagos, Nigeria, which founded on August
14, 2019. On November 4th, get99 officially changed its name to Yeebia.
Now Yeebia covers most of Nigeria’s urban areas, including Ikea, Lagos Island,
Lagos, Surrey, Ojo, Lekki Phase I, Aga, etc. As of January 3, 2020, the
platform had more than 500000 users, and more than 800000 people listed and
profited from their products.

As companies themselves,
what makes them stand out is their ability to ensure that customers always find
more additional options on Yeebia. As a one-stop trading website, it not only
meets the diversity of user needs, but also ensures the reliability and
security of transaction information. All goods and services sold on the
platform have passed the relevant audit, and the list is fully reviewed and
checked out. 

Every day, a large number
of new and old users publish content and conduct transactions on Yeebia, where
buyers and sellers communicate with each other without barriers. But
computer-side transactions are still not safe and convenient enough. Thus, In
order to make it easier for users to browse goods and trade anytime and
anywhere, the company has further developed app, named Yeebia
, developed specifically for Android, so that users can do
the same things on their phones as they do on PC, making it more convenient and

Furthermore, the
developers of the website have considered many aspects in order to make it more
convenient for the Nigerian people. They launched Yeebia-blog to share
used cars / used mobile phones, life, beauty and other aspects of tips and
introduction, to answer Nigerian people’s doubts and concerns about online
trading, and enrich their online knowledge and life experience. At present,
Yeebia-blog is one of the top 100 life blogs in Nigeria, where you can learn
about local conditions and customs and various information in Nigeria.

In addition, Yeebia also
have jiji-phone, a website that focuses on mobile information sharing, where
you can find detailed descriptions of the most popular mobile phones and
recommendations for second-hand mobile phones, as well as a variety of other
high-quality content related to mobile phones.

Although Yeebia is now
maturing, it is not the only classified website on Nigeria, but this site has
its own unique advantages.The brand intends to start a process of verification
on its listings- something no online marketplace in Nigeria has been able to


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