YouTube Music Details How to Upload Songs on Upcoming Cloud Library

Google through its official support page has today detailed the functionality of YouTube music cloud library. Google has been testing the library internally with employees.

The update will roll out on YouTube mobile version 3.51+ or newer which supports the cloud library.

Once live, you’ll be able to upload songs and albums. You can drag files or tap their profile icon in the top-right corner and open “Upload music.”

YouTube Music supports FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WMA files with associated metadata and album art included. You will see a progress bar indicating your music is uploading and a confirmation message once the songs have been uploaded.

“Add your personal music collection to your Music library by uploading your songs and albums. Once your music is uploaded, you will play your uploaded music as part of your listening experience” according to Google.

Additionally, Google will also make it possible for users to transfer an entire Google Play Music library to the cloud library.

Things to know about music uploads on the YouTube music cloud

While uploading your music on the cloud library, your music uploads will not influence your music recommendations.

The app is quite secure, other users will not have access to your uploads.

If you share a playlist with another user that contains music you uploaded, they will not be able to play the uploaded songs in your playlist – including members of your Google or YouTube family plan.

You can play uploaded songs in the background, ad-free and offline – even if you are not currently a YouTube Music Premium subscriber. You can also cast uploaded content, or play it from smart speakers and Sonos.

All users can create playlists containing uploaded music and songs from YouTube Music.

Only audio files and their associated metadata and album art can be uploaded. However, YouTube cloud library will not support video files, PDFs, and other types of content.

YouTube Music will automatically remove duplicate copies from your library if the same content is uploaded multiple times.


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